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                     2022 SEASON UPDATE

Changes to business processes/procedures starting this season

Dear Valued Customer

I am reaching out to let you know about a few changes to our business practices starting this season.  We have been a small family owned business for 18 years running.  We truly enjoy the work that we do and want to keep doing it.  The last few years we have been faced with many challenges in keeping our business thriving.

Our relationship with the customer, quality of our work, and consistency in our services have always been our biggest priorities.  As the years have passed, it has become harder to rely on outside help to consistently attain the level of service that we desire to give.  For the last 3 years we have been in a growth phase, adding more clients, additional help, and expanding our services offered.  While we have become more profitable, our quality of service in our opinion has faltered.  This year we are taking a step backwards, in order to go forwards, in the direction we see as the best fit for us and most importantly, our customers.  We have thinned out our customer list significantly and condensed the majority of our schedule to central/southwest Topeka.  In addition to that, we are instituting the following pricing/process changes:

  • All weekly or bi-weekly mowing customers will be subject to a $200 yearly subscription fee*

  • Weekly minimums for mowing are now $50 - Biweekly minimums are now $60

  • Lawn treatment minimums are now $55

  • All recurring services(mowing/lawn treatments) will require a credit card on file that will be charged the day of the service OR need to be paid upon receipt

  • All other services will be billed out the day of and due upon receipt


* The yearly subscription fee will give us the opportunity to stop taking the majority of outside work and work requests from non subscription customers and guarantee our availability to you for your yard needs.  We desire to have a set of customers who use us for more than just mowing.  We want to be as close to an all in one lawn service for our customers as is possible. 

Attached you will find a bid sheet with updated pricing for services on your property.  While this bid sheet does not encompass everything we do, it does cover the main needs that we address most frequently. - PLEASE REACH OUT WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS  

On the backside of this sheet you will find a catalog detailing how and why we perform all of our main services including both expectations of us and you.  This will also list additional services that we are capable of doing and doing well. 

                                With the utmost thanks,

                                                      Joshua Hogan, Owner/Operator  

Call Or Text  785-213-0412  OR email


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